Saturday, 17 September 2011

interior inspiration: royal victoria hotel, pisa

These images are from the beautiful Royal Victoria Hotel, where I stayed in Italy last month. It's beautiful -quiet, right by the river, and full of antiques. It's a huge building with high ceilings, marble floors, big windows with wooden shutters and leaves hanging outside, and gorgeous art on the walls. These photos hardly do it justice, but suffice it to say it's one of the most beautiful buildings I've been to, and certainly that I've stayed in.

There's been a building there since the 10th century, being developed into a hotel in 1837 - so it's fair to say there's a fair amount of history!
One of the best things about the hotel is that, aside from the bedroom, you also have free use of the hotel's many communal rooms; and, when we were there, hardly anyone else seemed to know about or use them! We particularly loved the drawing room, above in the photos, with a balcony looking out over the river - the perfect place to sit and read, or write at one of the desks or on the old typewriter - and the quaint little piano room at the back of the hotel.

Is there anything much more inspiring than writing in such beautiful surroundings? I don't think there really is - I certainly came back planning a novel set in a gorgeous old Pisan building...


  1. Wow it looks gorgeous. How nice that you could explore all the rooms, I love the old typewriter! xx

  2. Haha, my comment was going to be pretty much identical to Rachel's! Totally gorgeous hotel, I'm very tempted to suggest Pisa as next year's holiday destination!

  3. Hi Claire, thanks so much for your comment on my blog! This hotel looks incredible!! What a treat to be able to go exploring in those rooms full of gorgeous items :)
    I'm not entirely sure where I'm going in Europe so far, the only places I have officially planned are England, Sweden and Germany because that's where I have people to visit. Can you recommend any of your favourite places? You take beautiful photos! :)
    - Claire x

  4. What a gorgeous hotel! I've never been to Pisa, only to southern Italy. That must change.....

  5. What a beautiful place! I visited Florence a few years ago, but sadly never made it to Pisa.

  6. That underwood typewriter is beyond brilliant and lovely! The whole place looks splendid and extremely inspiring. On my travel list.


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