Wednesday, 31 August 2011

mid-week inspiration: lissy elle

Middle of the week already; how?! Here's some photography inspiration to appeal to the child in all of us from the hugely talented photographer Lissy Elle - I adore her work! Particularly love how carefree and relaxing these images are; the perfect balance to a hectic London lifestyle.

I went back to work yesterday after 10 wonderful days off and, of course, an amazing holiday - and wow, the lifestyle change really did hit me. Two delayed trains, a queue of heavy traffic and several rude people meant stress levels were the highest they'd been in a week and a half - and all before 9am, before I even got into the office. A little bit overwhelming! Don't get me wrong, I love London, and I love to be kept busy - but going away and remembering what it is to relax and take life slowly and then being thrown suddenly back into such a hectic mindset and lifestyle is a little bit daunting. I'll get used to it again, and not feel so tired, in a few days time - but in the meantime, I love the photos above for their relaxing inspiration :)

How do you destress from your busy lives, and make sure that you have time to unwind? I've been thinking of trying a bedtime ritual, like burning lavender incense, reading a book, having a bath or doing yoga. Do any of you have pre-bedtime relaxing rituals?


  1. these are amazing! gotta love the first one of the hanging teabags. whimsically sweet.

    i don't know if it's a bedtime ritual but it's always a must to end a night with a little goodnight text to and from the boyfriend, hee.

    hope you have a lovely week ahead, hun! x

  2. what beautiful pics!! love this post xx

  3. I love the last two, proper magical! It's always horrid coming back from a chilled holiday to the stresses of London! I love having a bubble bath whilst reading a mag :p xx

  4. What lovely photos! I recently started a new job and it is extremely stressful whilst juggling uni work at the same time. To de-stress i like using my one day off to spend time with my boyfriend and watch classic english comedies...they always cheer me back up...and chocolate never hurts :)


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