Freelance Writing

By day I am kept busy working in digital PR, but in the evenings and weekends I'm also a freelance writer, writing for a variety of different websites and blogs.

Please see a selection of some of my writing below - and if you're interested in approaching me with freelance writing opportunities or enquiries, don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing me, or getting in touch on Twitter.

An Aiguamedia intelligent female lifestyle blog, Dollymix publishes a variety of articles on feminism, sex and relationships, politics, health and beauty, fashion, family and general lifestyle issues.
  • Where are all the funny women? - an article exploring the long overlooked feminist issue of the presence (or lack thereof) comediennes in the media

Judging Covers
A book review site recently nominated in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards for Best Lifestyle Blog 2011, Judging Covers contains personalised and detailed reviews on a variety of different books.

Cellardoor Magazine

An online magazine for the young and stylish, mixing fashion, music, film and art.

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