Monday, 17 January 2011


This is the beautiful work of photographer Tim Walker - isn't it gorgeous?

English Tim Walker was born in 1970 and his love of photography grew so much over his teenage years that he studied it at university, graduating with a BA (Hons) Photography degree from Exeter College of Art. After graduating, he worked as a freelance photography assistant in London and moved to New York to take up a job as a full-time assistant to Richard Avedon.
At the young age of 25, he shot his first fashion story for Vogue - and the rest, as they say, is history; he's regularly shot for the British, Italian and American editions ever since.

What I love about Tim Walker is that he's not afraid to be different. I know that a lot of photographers claim to be, but Tim Walker really is different - look at the creativity and the imagination behind his shots. And he appeals to me in particular because what he loves more than anything is ethereal, fairytale-inspired photography; the kind of photography that makes every model a princess and every girl want to be one. It transports you away to some kind of dream world - the perfect photographic escapism - and, to me, one of the greatest things about photography is its ability to transport its audience to somewhere else; somewhere dreamy; somewhere better than real life.


These are exactly the images I need to see during this drizzly week! What weather we're having (and how British I sound) - I'm longing for the days now where I can actually see some sunshine during the day, rather than going to and from work in the dark! Not too long now, surely?! :)
And how were your weekends? Mine was lovely and lazy - mainly involved relaxing with Richard, watching hour after hour of wonderful Tribe with Bruce Parry, and drinking just a little too much wine at a friend's birthday party on Saturday! Can't wait for next weekend already - I have drinks with friends, vintage shopping and London markets scheduled so think it will be a good one!


  1. I like how eccentric these shots are. They are indeed absolutely beautiful! I don't think I've ever come across anything close to this before. I like the effects of the balloons.

  2. Thanks for sharing - these are beautiful photos!

  3. I love them! They all seem slightly out of place but just right.

  4. Beautiful pictures.


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