120 in my 20s

So here's a new little project of mine - basically a bucket list, but full of things I want to accomplish in my 20s. Some of them are stupid, small things that won't take any time at all, others are big projects that will require a lot of work, and others are more philosophical goals.
As I go along, I'll do a little post when I've completed one (or more!) of the goals, and cross them out on this list - and hopefully the list will get smaller and smaller as time goes on.

  1. Eat real Italian Pizza in Rome
  2. Read 100 more books
  3. See Juanes in concert
  4. Improve my Spanish and live in Spain for at least a month
  5. Improve my German and live in Germany for at least a month
  6. Write and publish my first novel
  7. Become a freelance writer
  8. Learn to play the piano, and be able to play Einaudi’s Andare
  9. Take ballet classes again
  10. Learn French and be able to hold a conversation with a French person
  11. See the Northern lights
  12. Go to Berlin and touch the Berlin wall
  13. See Lake Bled
  14. Visit the Pyramids
  15. Visit Macchu Picchu
  16. Win a photography competition
  17. Volunteer in a third-world country
  18. Do a charity activity every month for 30 consecutive months
  19. Go to a spa for the day
  20. See a Christmas ballet in London
  21. Do a Buddhist meditation in a Buddhist country
  22. Practice yoga
  23. Go on an archaeological dig
  24. Stay in a riyad in Marrakech
  25. Cultivate a bonsai tree
  26. Go to a Wimbledon finals match
  27. See a panda
  28. Go on a zipwire
  29. Be able to do the splits again
  30. See Romeo and Juliet at The Globe
  31. Get married
  32. Have my first child
  33. Eat in a Michelin-starred restaurant
  34. Fly in a helicopter or small aeroplane
  35. Stay overnight in a very expensive hotel
  36. Dye my hair
  37. Take a flying lesson
  38. Learn to make mussaman curry
  39. Visit the WW1 battlefields
  40. Go on safari
  41. Spend a week in isolation in Iona
  42. Road trip across America
  43. See a Matthew Bourne ballet
  44. Volunteer for a homeless charity
  45. See a ‘paradise’ beach
  46. See Backstreet Boys in concert again
  47. Buy myself flowers every week for a month
  48. Take my maternal grandparents out somewhere as a surprise treat once every six month
  49. Buy my mum a bunch of flowers every month for a year
  50. Take my paternal grandparents out somewhere as a surprise treat once every six months
  51. Make a dress
  52. Write down 3 things I am grateful for every day for a year
  53. Eat an Indian curry in India
  54. Learn Russian
  55. Stargaze
  56. Write a letter to myself; seal it, and then open it on my 30th birthday
  57. Send a shoebox to children in Africa
  58. Get a TEFL qualification
  59. Stay in a cottage in the countryside for at least a few days
  60. Move back to Brighton
  61. Get another qualification
  62. Buy chocolates from a chocolatier in France
  63. Move out of home (again)
  64. Go island-hopping in Greece
  65. Visit the Greek island of Kefalonia
  66. Visit Japan
  67. Visit Salzburg in Austria
  68. Learn a ballroom dance
  69. Perform on stage
  70. See the Taj Mahal
  71. See Petra in Jordan
  72. See Chichen Itza
  73. Visit the Colosseum in Rome
  74. Go to the Christmas market in Berlin
  75. Visit Pompeii
  76. Visit Venice
  77. Go into the Arctic circle
  78. Climb a mountain
  79. Volunteer in an orphanage
  80. See a waterfall
  81. Bathe in a hot spring
  82. Listen to the Dalai Lama speak
  83. Ride a camel in the desert
  84. Sleep under the stars
  85. Buy a house with a window seat
  86. Create my family tree
  87. Get an agent (for my novel)
  88. Buy a charm bracelet and add a charm to it every year
  89. Learn to like myself
  90. Get a pay rise
  91. Spend New Year not in the UK
  92. Visit a concentration camp
  93. Spend a week on a boat
  94. Walk along a beach, in the dark, barefoot and hand in hand with someone
  95. Learn Old English
  96. Own 500 books
  97. Learn to snorkel
  98. Go on the back of a bike three times
  99. Visit the rainforest
  100. Help to save a species from extinction
  101. Do something for Amnesty International
  102. Raise money or volunteer for a domestic violence charity
  103. Raise money or volunteer for a charity helping rape victims
  104. Ride in a horse-drawn carriage
  105. Play poker in a casino
  106. Fly a kite
  107. Make a scrapbook of each of these things that I achieve
  108. Organise a charity event
  109. Buy a Russian doll set from Russia
  110. Buy a piece of art every year
  111. Have a past life regression
  112. Meditate every day for 3 months
  113. Be kissed in the rain
  114. Take part in a protest
  115. Go to an airport and book the next flight available
  116. Attend the Olympics
  117. Get published in a newspaper
  118. Be published in a Linguistics journal
  119. Write down my grandparents’ memories so that I can pass them on
  120. Find love again
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