Friday, 29 April 2011

(rather regal) friday fives

In-keeping with the royal wedding mania today, here's a rather regal friday fives post...

5 photos of the day
  1. Patriotic bunting and flags at my family's royal wedding party
  2. Similarly patriotic dinner table
  3. Celebratory homemade cheesecakes
  4. Celebratory afternoon tea
  5. The kiss, of course

5 big highlights of the royal wedding today
  1. Kate's dress - WOW
  2. That first kiss on the balcony
  3. The amazing carriages
  4. The vows
  5. The huge roar of the crowd outside when they were pronounced man and wife

5 little highlights of the royal wedding today
  1. Prince William to Kate on seeing her for the first time today: "You're beautiful"
  2. Prince Harry to Prince William on seeing Kate for the first time, walking up the aisle: "Just wait til you see her"
  3. Kate on stepping out onto the balcony at Buckingham Palace: "Wow"
  4. Prince Harry in the carriage with the bridesmaids and pageboys - bless
  5. The look on Kate Middleton's father's face as he led her up the aisle
  6. (sorry, there are 6 definite highlights): the couple driving back to Clarence House in the vintage Aston Martin, like any newly married couple

5 best-dressed attendees
  1. Kate (obviously)
  2. Prince William and Prince Harry (obviously)
  3. The Queen - love the canary yellow
  4. Carole Middleton - very classy choice of dress
  5. Pippa Middleton, maid of honour - beautiful classic bridesmaid dress

5 not-so-well-dressed attendees
  1. Princess Beatrice - what was she thinking?
  2. Princess Eugenie - see above
  3. Chelsy Davy - had potential, but oh so wrong
  4. Camilla - just don't love it at all
  5. SamCam - fatal faux pas of not wearing a hat!


  1. Yay you're back! Definitely agree with your highlights, especilly Kate's dress, absolutely gorgeous!


  2. You are right on with Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. My goodness...the hats I just couldn't understand. LOVED Pippa Middleton's dress. Gorgeous.


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