Saturday, 30 October 2010

spooky / cake

Happy Halloween! Saw these extremely cute cupcakes in Brighton today, when my boyfriend and I visited for the day. Was very tempted to try them, but resisted - I have, after all, already had some cupcakes this week (delivered to work to celebrate Halloween - how amazing!)

Also saw these cute pumpkins outside a restaurant today - makes me want to try carving a pumpkin! I'm not really doing anything for Halloween this year, which is a bit of a shame, but was witness to a great "zombie walk" in Brighton today - it's an annual event where some 3,000 people dress up as zombies and walk from the train station to the seafront (about a mile's walk). It was amazing, and certainly something worth seeing, albeit actually slightly scary - some of the costumes were very convincing and there was a lot of jumping out at people and such! What are you up to for Halloween this year?

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