Thursday, 4 November 2010

Ten Things Thursday: Tea Cups


  1. I LOVE tea cups! There's a French patisserie on Queen's Road (near the station) called Cocoa that serves their tea in the most beautiful cups.

    The floral and the soft lighting tea cup are my favourite. I'm quite liking a bit of relaxing camomile at the moment, though lemon and ginger is also nice. Oh and fruit tea :)


  2. Oh how I love vintage tea cups, I have a small collection that only comes out for special occasions :)

  3. Those tea cups are just darling! :) I would like good china someday. I like how delicate the details are. That animal print rug is nice too. It definitely caught my eye! :)

    I found you in the group on 20 Something Bloggers! :)


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