Sunday, 19 December 2010

christmas came early

Please ignore the fuzzy photos - thanks to the iPhone for that!

One week til Christmas now - how crazy is that?! Where has this year gone?

I saw Richard this weekend for the last time until after Christmas, and so we did present exchanges yesterday - we always open our presents together instead of waiting for Christmas day. I bought him lots of Lindt chocolate (our favourite), Inception on DVD as he loves it and tickets to a night at Komedia, an amazing comedy club in Brighton and our former local weekend haunt when we lived down there.
And in return, I got some great pressies - Lindt chocolate, lavender aromatherapy bags which he knows I love, some very lovely shower gel and, amazingly, a Cath Kidston tea set. I've wanted it for ages and ages and turns out he'd been very observant and had picked up on my hints!
I love it - the florals, the colour, the fact that it's for drinking tea and the fact that it can hold quite a few cups' worth. Been using it almost constantly!

Have you had any early Christmas presents yet? What are you hoping for this year?


  1. Im addicted to tea...and's sad

  2. Aw haha not sad - I'm addicted to tea too! Whenever I've had a hard day I always come home and make a pot of tea straight away. Tea is the answer to anything/everything :) x


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