Sunday, 5 December 2010

just a minute / december

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Just a Minute is back! I enjoyed doing this little activity last month and so thought I would do it this month too. As mentioned last month, I found it on
Daydream Lily's fantastic site, via August Street.

So, this month I am:

Reading...... Birdsong, by Sebastian Faulks. I'm slightly over halfway through it, although I will admit to being hesistant to read it at first - I generally end up disliking popular, raved-about books as I feel like they're so built up and there's the expectation that they'll be amazing, so I often feel let down at the end when I don't love them as much as I expected to! It is well on the way to being one of my favourite books.

Buying........ apps for my new iPhone, christmas pressies and theatre tickets

Listening......... to my usual eclectic mix, spiced up with quite a lot of French music, after my lovely break in the South of France this past month. If you haven't heard Desolé by Sexion d'assaut, or Alors on Danse by Stromae, you really need to.

Watching...... PEEP SHOW. My favourite show, and I'm so so very excited that it's back. Plus, The Apprentice, of course.

Loving.......... reminiscing about my lovely time in France, and the thought of 9 whole days off over the Christmas period.

Planning...... a trip to Rome in February/March next year. So excited already!

Want to play along? Full details on the game as posted originally by August Street are here...


  1. I love Peep Show too! Still so funny after so many series'. And I can't help but watch The Apprentice too - such cringy telly!

  2. Hello - thanks for your comment! Yep, got to love both programmes; both equally amazing in different ways!

    Claire x


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