Monday, 20 December 2010

pastel cool

Time for a peek inside Southgate, a lovely house I found online here.

I love the wallpaper in the top left-hand corner of the first photo - gorgeous, isn't it? I also love the top right-hand corner of the first photo; green walls contrasting with white doors and white tablecloth, contrasting again with lovely dark brown tones of the bench and plant holder. I'm very much a fan of the lovely pastel tones in this house - love the greens and blues.

What are your colour preferences in a house - pastels or brights?


  1. I love the floral wallpaper!


  2. When I buy a house one day, I simply HAVE to find one similar to that gorgeous blue floral one. It's stunning.

  3. oohhh I just love these! the florals are gorgeous <3 these are so pretty and romantic :)


  4. ooh I just love these! the florals are gorgeous.very beautiful thanks for sharing.

  5. So glad you liked the post girls :) I love the floral wallpaper too - that's what inspired me to post this house!

    Claire x


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