Wednesday, 23 March 2011

busy busy / breathe

Aren't these gorgeous photos?

Anna Aden is absolutely one of my favourite photographers, and one whose beautiful images I've included on the blog before - but I thought it was definitely time for her to have her own post. These photos are mainly from her Plainness set, with the first and fourth image from the Longing set. I just love the gorgeous colour of the girl's hair, which just makes me wish mine was a titian shade!

And I love how dreamy and relaxed these photos are - makes me want a quiet weekend tucked away in a little cottage somewhere, with time to read and paint and write and sleep. I never get enough sleep these days!

So anyway - I know I haven't updated in a little while; I'm sorry. Things have been crazy busy - I know I always say that, but this time, they really have. I've been so desperate to make sure that I don't have time to myself to just think that I've ended up being out all day, every day; every evening after work, every spare minute - and the past few weeks have blurred past with a lovely but hectic mix of dinners, wine, comedy shows, dancing, exhibitions, breaks, work events, more dinners and wine, tea and shopping. And more...

Particular highlights have included my amazing friend coming over to stay from France for a few very lovely girly days, going to an exhibition with some uni people I don't see enough, a very fun second date with a boy I met, and lots of dining out in lovely restaurants with family and friends. Oh, and not to mention Rome, which was amazing as briefly mentioned before, and which I still need to blog about. I will do it, I promise :)

Also, just wanted to say a quick hello to my lovely new followers - great to see you here, and thanks so much for the follow :)

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  1. These are beautiful photos! Anna has a new fan! :)
    Thanks for sharing.



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