Monday, 7 March 2011

just a minute / march

Another month, another Just a Minute :)

Oh I know this is very delayed, what with it being 7th of the month already, and I'm sorry, but I like to think I have some valid excuses this month: for a start, I went to Rome last week!! I will write some proper posts with lots of information and photos very soon, because it's an amazing city and really deserves a lot more than a small mention here at the beginning of a longer post. Suffice it to say that I loved it there, had a great time with lovely friends, and would go back in a heartbeat!
And aside from Rome, work's been busy, and I spent a lot of time after I got back from Rome last week hanging out with my friends and my cousin having lots of drinks and long chats. I also went to the British Museum on Saturday too, to see the fantastic Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead exhibition. And plus - I say this in whispered italics - I went on a date on Sunday. But more on that some other time, maybe...!

Anyway, back to Just a Minute. As mentioned every month, I found this on Daydream Lily's lovely blog via August Street, late last year, and found it to be a really lovely little monthly activity.
Want to join in? Feel free - and make sure to send me a link if you do though, so I can see what you're up to at the moment!

So, this month I am:

Reading...... The Help by Kathryn Stockett, and Marie Claire magazine, of course

Buying........ lots of dinners out in London and lots of bottles of wine to accompany it

Listening......... to Charlotte Martin, who I’ve got back into recently.

Watching...... The Tudors, Take Me Out, and that’s pretty much it. I haven’t had time to watch TV for ages!

Loving.......... well, my life, actually, as clich├ęd as that is. I have an amazing family, amazing friends, a good job and I've actually realised recently how lucky I am to have everything that I do. I'm making the most of it, seeing friends every day, keeping very busy and am honestly, truly, happy with how things are going for me right now :)

Planning...... summer holidays (already), the logistics of living in Brighton for a few weeks over summer and commuting into London from there, and many fun and exciting days and nights out


What are your plans for this month?

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  1. We spent the day in Brighton today! Love it there. And what a beautiful day it was too! Hello spring!!

    Glad you had such a fun time in Rome and even more pleased to hear you are loving life at the moment!

  2. Hi there, saw your links on 20SB and I thought I'd come by and visit. Love the look of your blog. I would definitely visit again soon.

    Please come by and visit me too whenever you get a moment. Thanks so much.

    Tami Marie

  3. hey girl- just came across your blog! you have some GREAT stuff here! i love that your reading The Help! It's SO great! let me know what you thought when you finished it :) hope you have a great monday dear! xo


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