Friday, 10 June 2011

friday fives

Flowers, sleep, dresses, books and tea... what else does anyone need for a perfect lazy weekend? Just a short friday fives this week as I'm still a little poorly :(

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5 highlights of the (unwell) week

  1. My cousin's baby shower last Saturday, full of lovely Jamaican food and rum punch
  2. A lazy Sunday evening takeaway with friends (though possible the source of the illness!)
  3. Getting into an amazing book (Never Let Me Go - review to follow once I've finished!)
  4. Feeling better
  5. UK Tennis season starting - the best time of the year

5 things I'm looking forward to over the next week
  1. Going to the Queen's Club tennis finals on Sunday!
  2. Seeing my boyfriend
  3. Going to see the new X-Men film (embracing my inner geek!)
  4. Dinner with a friend (I feel like this is on my things-to-look-forward-to list every week, apologies for the repetition!)
  5. Going to see the ballet Romeo and Juliet - now only just over a week away!


  1. Hi! I've just come across your blog and am really enjoying having a read through some of your recent posts. Have a brilliant week, it looks like you've got a lot to look forward to.

  2. Thanks for your comment! So glad you liked my blog :) x


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