Tuesday, 2 August 2011

H&M Home Collection 2011

H&M - one of my favourite clothing stores - have just launched their Autumn/Winter 2011 Home collection, and I've spent ages poring over it! It's so inspiring; full of bright colours, floral patterns (which of course, I love), bold fruit motifs, words woven into fabrics and lovely complex textures.

On their website, H&M have broken the collection down into a few distinct categories, each with their own unique styling: Sharp Simplicity, Sweet Sensation, Always at Home, Industrial Modern and Bohemian Chic. The photos you see here are a mix of the last two categories - the bottom three images are from Industrial Modern which is definitely on trend in terms of current popular style, while the top five are from Bohemian Chic, reflecting styles that seem to be more core to H&M brand's design identity.

I'm definitely mostly a Bohemian Chic kind of person, I have to say (hello inner hippy)... I adore everything from that part of the Autumn/Winter 2011 collection. It also seems to be the part which H&M themselves are leading with, appearing most prominently on the Home landing page.

Lovely collection - and very inspiring!

Images from here, here and here.


  1. This is so amazing, I want everything/anything in these pictures!! xo

  2. I gave in - I had to have a look! And yup, it's all very dangerous of course! I'm like you, I love florals so the Bohemian Chic is right up my street. Though I really like parts of Industrial Modern too. Heck, it's all gorgeous!

  3. New follower over from 20sb! Hope you have time to check my blog out too!
    LOVE these pictures :-)

  4. I've actually just ordered the latest H&M catalogue. Can wait to have a good flick through.

  5. Thanks for the comments - glad you all liked it as much as I did! It really is all so gorgeous, isn't it? :)

    Claire x


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