Sunday, 7 August 2011

Just a Minute: August

How on earth is it August already? This year is flying by! Proof of how oblivious I am at the moment to time passing comes with the fact that it's 7 days into the month and I've only just remembered to do Just a Minute for August... oh dear!

Anyway, here's a little round-up of my various flavours of the month.

This month, I am...

Reading... lots of blogs and magazines

Buying... sunhats, suncream, flights, a hotel and travel insurance - it's holiday month!

Listening... to ska, Chase & Status, Tinie Tempah, reggae, Einaudi and some old R&B... an eclectic mix, as ever.

Watching... Dynamo: Magician Impossible and Penn & Teller's Fool Us - I love magic and anything mysterious!

Loving... the glimpses of summer we're having, the fact I'm going on holiday soon and the fact I'm feeling contented with, and focused on, where life is heading for me at the moment

Planning... holiday outfits and itineraries!

Do you want to join in with Just a Minute? I found this on Daydream Lily's blog via August Street, and it's a lovely little monthly activity. Feel free to join in - and make sure to send me a link if you do, so I can see what you're up to at the moment!

Above photo is taken from Rosemarie.'s flickr photostream, and is just beautiful, don't you think?


  1. Great post, I love this :)

  2. Wow great image for this post - I know how quickly has time passed!! Also watching dynamo - he is AMAZING.

    Great blog as always

    Laura x

  3. Lovely blog :)
    Where are you going to holiday?

  4. I'm loving reading lots of blogs and magazines at the moment too! Happy holidays when they come around.

  5. Thanks for your comments everyone!

    @Laura - glad to hear you like Dynamo too! I think he's amazing...

    @culinarystorm - I'm going to Italy! Very excited.

    Claire x


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