Thursday, 30 September 2010

the fading summer

Aren't these beautiful photos? Check out this wonderful flickr user's photostream for more gorgeous photography.

Summer is well and truly over here now - it's cold, foggy and even a little bit frosty in the mornings, but despite this I'm still trying to resist wearing coats and lighting fires just yet. I usually look forward to Winter - I love wearing baggy jumpers and hats and gloves, I love eating more (I am, by the way, really not one of those girls who is calorie-obsessed or who does not enjoy her food) and I love the open fires and mulled wine of cosy winter evenings. For some reason, though, this year I feel like I want to try and resist the onset of Winter for as long as possible.
In other news, I really should be updating more often, and I will try - things, as ever, are busy at the moment, but I'm aware that I haven't responded to so many of your lovely comments. I do appreciate them all though, and I have a day off on Monday, so I shall try and devote some time to them then :)

And a quick by the way -
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  1. I wish summer wasn't over :/

  2. I just discovered your blog.... and I love it!! I'll be waiting for more posts :)

  3. Our Summer is just starting now, and it's been a long wait for it to arrive! Eventhough I must say I do love winters with hot chocolates, cookies and reading infront of the fire.
    ...but I can wait for next year :)

  4. Gorgeous. So much emotion behind these pictures.


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