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This is now an archived post, from February 2011. Thanks for all your comments and support; it has really meant a lot to me. Life is now amazing!

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  1. Break-Ups suck, I agree. Me and my 3 and half boyfriend had the problem the other way round... say, we starting on long-distance (well, a 4 and a half hour ride), after one year I moved to the city where he was, but still was very busy with my studies (I was studying architecture back then and slept like, er, 4 hours a day). It wasn't until I moved to business administration, where we had more time to be together, that I noticed that he wasn't everything I wanted in my life - I also wanted friends, fun, partys, the student life.
    What I'm trying to say is that changes are good. Don't think yourself of being alone, but being "free". More time for friends and family, you can stay all day in your PJs if you want, go to the ever-girly movie without anyone complaining... and flirting with a bar man to get a free cocktail. Doesn't sound so bad, does it?
    Hope you cheer up :)

  2. Ah sweetie - I'm so sorry! Break-ups suck, even if you see them coming.

  3. Omg i'm so sorry to hear this! it'sgoing to be hard to move one-but you know you have people in your corner to support you and help you get through it!!! And you have your fellow bloggers! Hope everything gets better for you!

  4. Oh I am sorry to hear that. Break ups are always so hard. I am sure you'll have some really wobbly days when you just want to stay in bed and sob but it really does sound like you're being positive. You if you believe you deserve much better then I'm sure it won't be long before it someone wonderful comes and finds you xx

  5. I just had to end my relationship of three years two weeks ago...hardest thing I ever had to do and there are days that I want call him and tell him I made a mistake. But then I think about why things ended. He was my best friend but he didn't see me anymore and although I may try and talk myself into believing that maybe next time he will be different...I know it wont.
    To read your post and see you say that you aren't alone and that you have your family and friends makes me feel so much better. I have mine too and I need to embrace that more than I have lately with this break up.
    Stay positive girl

  6. Just popping over from 20sb and just wanted to say how sorry I am to read about your break-up. I'm so sorry you have to go through this hard difficult time. Stay strong: it sounds like you have great support.

  7. oh, this was not something that I wanted to read. I am so sorry love. :( Break-ups are always hard to deal with.

  8. I'm so sorry to read this. I remember how this feels and I promise day by day it will feel easier. I hope you feel better soon love.

    Charlotte xo

  9. I am so very sorry abt your breakup
    I kind of understand what your are going through. I went through the same thing, not exactly but basically the same with a very close frd of 5 years. After college she decided to ditch me because she had no use for me.
    All I can tell you is it will get better. Stay strong

  10. I don't know where to start.

    The moment I started reading, I could feel your strength and courage and you right, you are going to be okay, not just because you have a great support network but because you know you fought 100% for your relationship.

    I cried towards the end and I kept wondering why he didn't break-up with sooner instead of mistreating you for all of those months. Maybe, in hindsight, it was the only way that you could truly see the reality yourself. Who knows. This is the most rational, honest and emotional posts I''ve read in a long time. I'm not even sure how I found your blog. Like you sad, you deserve better.

    Stay strong and positive.


  11. No one is every really alone :)
    Lovely images to go with your post...keep smiling and stay strong

    Laura xxx

  12. <3 you found some lovely images, I truly believe you'll find happiness soon!


  13. I know I've thanked each of you now on your blogs, but just wanted to say again, thanks so much for these amazing comments. They really cheered me up and gave me strength - thanks so much x

  14. I just want to inform you that one of your pics have been stolen



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