Tuesday, 22 February 2011

high street love

Recent Buys

Floral Stud Dress, Topshop; Red Swallow Print Dress, River Island; Navy Stripe Dress, Topshop; Navy Print Kimono Dress, River Island; White Tights, Topshop; Lace-up Brogues, River Island; Flower Tooled X-Body Bag, Urban Outfitters; Jewellery, various.

Here are a few recent buys - I decided that it was time to treat myself, and so rather predictably ended up buying dresses, tights, bags and some pretty jewellery.

And a few little things I quite fancy getting (is it wrong that I really want a pair of dungarees...?)


Jersey Dress, Topshop; Floral dress, Miss Selfridge; Denim dungarees, Urban Outfitters; Crochet bag, River Island; Grey feather trilby, River Island; Headband, Accessorize

What have you bought yourself on the high street lately?


  1. Oooh great selections...love the pretty jewellery and summery dresses.

    Laura x

  2. Spring is in the air! These are all things I am dying to wear, but it's not quite warm enough here. I agree with you- I've always wanted a pair of dungarees but I've been a bit to afraid to try them. I do have a romper I absolutely love, it comes pretty close. I say go for them! When ever I'm going through a breakup I always feel like looking especially theraputic to look and feel extra cute- put together when I may be having trouble keeping it together.


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