Friday, 18 February 2011

friday fives

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5 links
  1. What ya wearing world - a new global style campaign
  2. New York Cliche - a new blog I've found that I love, filled with New York life and anectodes about NYFW
  3. A beautiful Tumblr account packed with lovely photography
  4. Live streaming of LFW
  5. Gorgeous Spanish photographer's blog

5 books currently on my to-read list
  1. One Way - David Nicholls
  2. The Help - Kathryn Stockett
  3. Her Fearful Symmetry - Audrey Niffenegger
  4. Year of the Flood - Margaret Atwood
  5. Wolf Hall - Hilary Mantel
Ok, so here's the thing. I've been wondering whether to keep up my Friday Fives at the moment - only due to the two following sections which I included before: "5 highlights of the week" and "5 things to look forward to next week". The truth is, I've been feeling a little melancholy lately due to recent events in my life, and I thought it would be hard to find 10 things over the period of about 7 days which I could actually feel positive about.
Turns out I was wrong, though... and it's actually a very positive and worthwhile thing for me to focus on and appreciate the good things that have happened over the last little while, instead of dwelling on some not-so-great events.
So, with that said...

5 highlights of the week

1. Seeing three of my closest friends for a girly weekend in London
2. Afternoon tea in Liberty's on said girly weekend (loose leaf tea, in a beautiful tea pot, with chocolate cake - heaven)
3. Going out dancing on said girly weekend
4. Enjoying rather too much wine with an old friend after work one evening; an old friend who has the ability to make me feel better whenever I see her
5. The ongoing, amazing support from those around me

5 things to look forward to next week

1. In a word: ROME. I'm flying out on Thursday and staying there until Monday - should be amazing and I really can't wait.
2. A friend's housewarming party on Saturday evening
3. Seeing an old, close friend all day Sunday, and doing some shopping and a lot of chatting together
4. A lovely long lie-in on Saturday morning
5. Am I allowed to say ROME again? (I am just so excited...)


How has your week been? What are you up to this weekend?


  1. There are some lovely photographs on Isabel Pavia's blog (link 5) - thanks for sharing. Hope things are okay and have a lovely trip to Rome.

  2. Have a great time in Rome!
    Lisa xx

  3. Glad you are still doing the friday fives. And it looks like you have had lots of things to be positive about this week. And definitely lots to look forward to next week.

  4. lovely post
    what are the books about?
    want to check them out too :)

  5. Thanks so much for the blog love! Your pictures are gorgeous. I am terribly jealous of your Rome adventure- have so much fun and take more gorgeous pictures so I can live vicariously!

  6. Oooh wow I love the photos at the start...such a beautiful collection. Great blog post, love the 5 idea :). I love liberty...never had afternoon tea there though - something to do. Hope you have a great time in Rome

  7. I love your blog! Especially that it's about inspiration and tea and living life!



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