Friday, 14 January 2011

friday fives

5 photos:
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A new year, and a new little feature on the blog that I'm trying out - the friday fives.
So the principle is this: I post five things in five categories, on a weekly basis, as a little online and offline round up of my week.
Starting with my 5 favourite photos, above, here's the rest of my favourite fives this week:

5 shopping finds
  1. Dresses by - beautiful and simple.
  2. This gorgeous azure cameo from This Charming Girl's online store
  3. These vintage buttons from Buttoned Up Betsy
  4. A gorgeous, rose-adorned Lush bubble bar
  5. This mug from NikkiMade

5 blog posts
  1. Field of Dreams - an excellent new project from Bangs and a Bun and a must-read
  2. Gorgeous dresses and even more gorgeous dresses from Lobster and Swan
  3. My new vintage fashion blog find of the week, Strawberry Koi - do check out her blog if you haven't already
  4. 9626 Deventures - where two cousins, one living in Brisbane and one in Brooklyn, post a photo each day under the same theme, reflecting each others' lives
  5. Gorgeous wintry warmer photos from Fabric of My Life

5 links
  1. Arty, clever images from The Invisible Man
  2. 20 untranslatable words from around the world
  3. A gorgeous bedroom from Elle Decoration
  4. A man writes, wonderfully, to his future wife
  5. Gorgeous holiday getaway properties from The Landmark Trust

5 highlights of the week
  1. Booking tickets to see Carlos Acosta dance in Romeo and Juliet, in London in June this year
  2. The arrival of my boxset of Bruce Parry's Tribe
  3. Donating to a homeless charity, and having a feel-good smile on my face for having done so
  4. Seeing amazing film The King's Speech at the cinema
  5. Having a read of the amazing Philippa Gregory's latest book, The Red Queen.
Do feel free to tell me your top moments of the week - link, memory, photo, find, whatever they might be!


  1. Those photos make me want summer too much.

  2. I agree with Christopher; these photos make me want summer. Very nice and I like the first link - The Invisible Man.

  3. The pictures are so pretty, the lightning in them is gorgeous !
    Good that you posted a link to your blog on Facebook, I'll make sure to keep on checking it :) !

  4. Those photos are stunning! Thanks for the follow - love your blog and I finally decided to stop thinking about writing and instead get on and do it! Now I just need some readers... ;)


  5. Thanks for the comments, everyone! The photos made me want summer too :)
    Claire x


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