Saturday, 22 January 2011

friday fives

5 photos:
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  3. link
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  5. link
5 shopping finds
  1. This gorgeous vintage-inspired brown lock satchel that I need in my life
  2. A very pretty memoir charm bracelet.
  3. This lovely floral 1950s dress I found on eBay
  4. A Cath Kidston tiny rose business card holder from the new range; perfect for my new business cards that arrived this week
  5. ...and, while we're on Cath Kidston's new range, I love this briar rose handbag

5 blog posts
  1. A mention of my Sunday Read reviews and book recommendations by the lovely Megan at Time After Tea - thank you!
  2. Daydream Lily's wonderful feature on Balthazar, who takes gorgeous photos and writes and sends love letters to anyone who wants one (yes, really).
  3. A Liberty print suitcase called Phoebe, from Wishwishwish.
  4. Drool-worthy churros con chocolate from Malaga (where, I can affirm, having spent a lot of my childhood there, some of the best churros in the world are found) over at ...sending postcards
  5. Dreamy interior inspiration from little blue deer.

5 links
  1. Some gorgeous photos from the Fifty Years of The Royal Ballet exhibition on at Proud Chelsea at the moment (and which I intend to go to soon!)
  2. An Insider's Guide to Lovely Things to See and Do in the UK - do check this one out as it's a gorgeous site!
  3. Cats vs Internet funny which will appeal to anyone who has a little feline friend
  4. A rather happy penguin
  5. ...and Rafael Nadal's Armani underwear shoot, which is, it has to be said, quite something...

5 highlights of the week
  1. Lovely drinks with friends
  2. TV highlights from Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, and working my way through the boxset of Tribe
  3. Seeing my boyfriend last weekend and just having time to relax with him
  4. Doing yoga every evening before bed
  5. Getting a little gig to write a review for The Times Online

Friday fives are a little delayed this week as things have been busy the past few evenings - so they're Saturday Fives for one week only! Back to Friday next week though.


  1. The first and second photos are so dreamy! xo

  2. Gorgeous and magical photos :)

    Char x

  3. Some lovely things to read and look at. And I love those five photos.

  4. Hey, just letting you know that I gave you two awards at my blog.

  5. I'm in love with the photo of the girl with the letter in the pond. Great photograph.

  6. Thank you all - glad you liked the post! :) x


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