Tuesday, 11 January 2011


This dreamy shoot is from Mirage magazine - the model is Elyse Taylor and the excellent photographer is Antony Noblio (I thoroughly recommend you to check him out if you haven't already!)
I'm posting this shoot not because I like the clothes - although it is a fashion shoot, and I have to say I quite like the white lace leotard in the first, left-hand image. What I love about this shoot is the dreamy, light-filled photography, the model's expressions, the lake-side, countryside setting and the slightly-out-of-focus-on-purpose atmosphere that Noblio creates.
Would I, usually, want to wear a leotard, denim shorts and white cowboy boots? The answer, I can assure you, is no - I'm generally all about dresses, florals and flowing, feminine outfits. But, looking at this shoot, I actually start to want to dress like her; and that, I think, is the art of excellent fashion photography - when the setting, model and execution of the photographer can make fairly 'ordinary' and uninspiring items seem, all of a sudden, like must-haves.
What do you think of this shoot?


  1. you can make your photos do that without being a professional. :) And I am with you, not my typical style {not that I have style}, but it looks good her.

  2. Thanks for your comment Victoria - definitely agree with you! x


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