Saturday, 8 January 2011

looking back and looking forward

So I know I've already posted a couple of things in 2011, but it occurred to me that I hadn't really 'rounded off' 2010 or 'started' 2011 properly, officially, on my blog. So...

What did 2010 hold for me?
- In January, we had a lot of snow and I found what I still consider to be the most beautiful house I've ever seen.
- In February, I did a little blog project called Love Week, which I was really pleased with - and I celebrated my boyfriend's 21st birthday on Valentine's Day by treating him to a chocolate-making workshop and tickets to see comedy show 39 Steps, making me girlfriend of the month ;) I went to the Bee Ball, organised by my university to help save the dwindling bumblebee population, where I blew bubbles, danced and won some champagne in a raffle. I also let my hair down with some friends at a Baz Luhrman-themed night, which was very extravagant and entertaining with fancy dress
, dancers, stunt artists and clips of his films playing (and I dressed up as Juliet). Oh, and I got some gorgeous roses for Valentine's Day.
- In the spring, the intense work needed for my third and final year of my degree really kicked off, and really didn't ease until the summer - and I am ashamed to say that blogging really took a back burner, as I hardly had time to talk to my friends or family, let alone spend time on the internet. Over the next few months, the few activities that I actually managed to have time for included going to see pianist Ludovico Einaudi perform in Brighton, hearing linguist David Crystal speak at my university (which is very exciting when you love langauge as much as I do), trying my hand at lomography for the first time, and sitting on the beach watching as the piers on Brighton beach disappeared in a volcanic ash cloud and then eerily re-emerged.
- In the early summer, I spoke in a Linguistics conference in Manchester, which
was one of the proudest moments of my life (geek), and I finished my dissertation and took my final exams, initially celebrating that my degree was over before experiencing the bittersweet reality that I would no longer be studying Linguistics, and that I'd have to leave Brighton and move home to London to find work.
- In June, I stayed in Brighton for one last month of lazy days of playing around at the beach, amazing meals at restaurants like Terre a Terre and parties with best friends, as well as going a girly holiday to the very hot and beautiful Greek island of Kos.
- In July, I celebrated my 21st birthday with a lovely meal with my best friends, got taken to see The Phantom of the Opera by my boyfriend, celebrated my auntie's 80th in a stately home in Surrey,
saw stand-up comedy by Russell Kane and Chris Ramsey and saw amazing dancer Carlos Acosta in his self-titled show in London. And, in one of the biggest moments of my life, graduated, and went to my graduation ball.
- In August, I moved home to South London and started an internship at Shiny Red, and entered the working world of digital PR and social media marketing. Suffering from Brighton withdrawal symptoms, I spent a lot of my weekends back there, sitting on the beach. I also saw Inception at the iMax, which bl
ew my mind.
- In September, I had a proud girlfriend moment at a pretty big gig one of my boyfriend's bands were playing in, and I got back into blogging - finally!
- In October, I celebrated me and my boyfriend's 3 year anniversary, and we had a long, lazy weekend in the New Forest. I also gave my thoughts on the Chilean Miners' rescue and what it meant for all of us'.
- In November, my internship turned into a permanent job, and I went to visit my friend Lauren in France, absorbing French culture and a complete village-in-the-middle-of-the-Alps kind of isolation.
- And in December, I struggled with a lot of snow causing chaos to the country, went to an amazing Chocolate Festival, and celebrated Christmas, getting some lovely presents.

So, all in all, a busy year!
And what does 2011 hold for me? Well, it's the first year where I've started the year in a full-time job; I'm taking a holiday to Rome in February; I'm going to turn 22, and, apart from that, the rest is somewhat of a mystery at the moment!
To guide me through the year, here are my top five New Year's Resolutions, as were posted over at Novelista Barista, in my guest post last week:
  1. Write a complete first draft of my novel
  2. Make a mega bucket list and start to work my way through it
  3. Continue to have a great and very strong relationship with my boyfriend
  4. Make more time for the following hobbies: photography, languages, ballet, travel
  5. Blogging: blog regularly here, and build a really good writing blog
What do you think of my resolutions?

What were the highlights of your 2010, and what are you looking forward to in 2011?


  1. Haven't been following your blog long so great to read this and see what you were up to last year. I bet 2011 is a blast for you. And wow, that house you mention first is amazing!!!!!!

  2. Yes, gorgeous, isn't it? :) Glad you liked the house as much as I did!
    Hope 2011 is great for you as well!

    Claire x


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