Friday, 6 May 2011

friday fives

Happy Friday! I've got the day off today and am going to be spending it relaxing with my friends by the seaside, hence the calm and leisurely feel of these photos!

5 photos:
  1. link
  2. link
  3. link
  4. link
  5. link

5 photography links of the week:
  1. Haitian women - amazing photos of the strong women in post-earthquake Haiti
  2. Retratos - an atmospheric gallery from Carolina Navas
  3. A must-see portfolio from Mark Tipple
  4. Intimate portraits from Masha Demikhova
  5. And, of course, you know me... have to have some gorgeous ballet-related photos too

5 other great links of the week
  1. The amazing Alice in Wonderland restaurant in Tokyo which I simply have
    to visit one day
  2. The Five Stages of Relationships via bitchbuzz - thought-provoking...
  3. The gorgeous home of textile designer Amy Butler
  4. Amazing, social and innovative art project "The Sketchbook Project"
  5. The scary reality of Barbie: what she would look like if she were a real woman - a must-read

5 things that have made me smile this week:
  1. Chinese food with an old friend in Soho's Chinatown
  2. Knowing that my grandfather was fine, post surgery this week
  3. Working a second 3 day week in a row!
  4. Lovely gossiping chats with best friends
  5. Lazy days off, and enjoying the first full day I've had at home since February
5 things I'm looking forward to:
  1. Enjoying the rest of my day off, with going to Brighton!
  2. Seeing the show Avenue Q this afternoon
  3. A relaxing day in the Buckinghamshire countryside planned on Sunday
  4. A busy week next week to look forward to, filled with meals, drinks and fun after work
  5. Seeing my boyfriend next weekend :)


  1. Oh these are such beautiful finds! :) Gotta love those photos.

    Have a lovely weekend, Claire! x

  2. The photo of the girl on the bike is beautiful! Happy Sunday Claire x

  3. thanks for the comments! :) x


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