Wednesday, 11 May 2011


A little bit of mid-week interior design inspiration in the form of Mapesbury, a residential house in London's NW2 postcode.

Lovely, isn't it? What I love about this house is the neutral whites - the white floorboards of the living room, white walls, white furniture, mixed with splashes of colours - the red curtains and lamp of one of the bedrooms and the pale orange walls of another of the rooms, brought out by an orange dress hanging up on the back of the door and shoes lined up. I love white and neutrals in a house, but think a bit of colour is always needed - and they seem to have got it just right at Mapesbury. I particualrly love the use of blue in this house; a lovely calming and cooling colour when used correctly in interior design, it's certainly the case with Mapesbury - I love the striking feature wall and the couch.
My favourite image is definitely the second one of the series - I adore the staircase, the mosaic tiled floor, the elegant couch on the landing (and lovely cushions!), the patterned windows and the chandelier adding a further touch of colour to the room. Which is your favourite?


How is your week going? I'm in the middle of my first full week back at work after a series of 3 and 4 day weeks with bank holidays and a day off and trying to get back into the rhythm of normal working weeks!
Had a lovely few days, though - went out for dinner on Tuesday evening for my cousin's birthday to a restaurant called Samarqand, where I tried delicious Uzbek food for the first time (review to follow soon!), and then met another cousin this evening for another dinner, which was very lovely and filled with a lot of gossip and catching up.


  1. Oh I love the fact that it has a conservatory / green house !! I was just checking out apartments in London and found one with the same... its so cute!

  2. lovely interiors. very inspiring :)

  3. I love the big mirror in the one with the shoes. I can never find a good mirror.

  4. Thanks for the comment - yes it's a lovely mirror isn't it! :) x


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