Monday, 2 May 2011

just a minute: may / the last little while

Just a Minute is back for May - but, before I give a little summary of what I'm up to now and what I'm looking forward to in the month to come, here's a little round-up of April!

It's been a busy month, but also a great one - we've had summer in spring this year, four bank holidays and it's been a hell of a lot of fun. April's highlights have included:

Basking in the sun in Brighton

Afternoon teas with friends

Enjoying delicious food (curry, left, and pub grub, right) and champagne (Veuve Clicquot and strawberries, mmm)

Nights out and fun with friends

...and laying on the beach to recover the morning after.

Days out in sunny London...

And more days out in Brighton...

Finding an alternative career path (ok, not actually!)

Finding treasures in vintage and bric-a-brac markets...

And finding the car of my dreams at Silverstone (a Ferrari, of course)...

Exploring Milton Keynes, finding some concrete cows - oh, and a lovely new boyfriend who lives there!

Dates in London in the sun, spending bank holidays lazing around in Greenwich Park...

Celebrating the beautiful Royal Wedding...

And eating rather a lot of yummy things!

So - all things considered, it's been a fairly busy month! And now onto May - how are we getting on for half-way through the year already?

This month, I am:

Reading... Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood, and moving on to the intriguing Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert afterwards, after a recommendation from a good friend.

Buying... new brogues, shorts and suncream (hello summer!)

Listening... to Katy B's new album, and also to Jamie Woon and Adele

Watching... America's Next Top Model, The Only Way is Essex (I know, I know - I'm fully aware it's awful), the new series of Doctor Who, and the new series of the Apprentice which starts this month

Loving... the bank holiday weekends we've had, the fact that I've got another day off on Friday of this coming week, the sun, my lovely friends :)

Planning... summer holiday and weekend plans, evenings out and theatre trips

Want to join in with Just a Minute?
I found this on Daydream Lily's lovely blog via August Street, late last year, and it's a lovely little monthly activity. Feel free to join in - and make sure to send me a link if you do though, so I can see what you're up to at the moment!


  1. your pictures are always so refreshing...can I come live with you? ;)

  2. It looks like you had fun.

    But, just one question - surely you are bored of Adele by now?

  3. Love these pictures! Looks like you had a fun April. In fact you've been up to a lot of similar stuff to me. I've been to London and Greenwich Park recently, spend lazy days in Brighton, have eaten nice food and drunk nuce drinks, have celebrated the royal wedding and spent lots of time with my wonderful family and friends. Not been to Milton Keynes though and definitely no new boyfriend - don't think my husband would like that much!

  4. @Spencer - Well, I never liked Adele when her music first came out (couldn't stand Chasing Pavements!), so I'm now sort of discovering her for the first time. Rolling in the Deep won be over and now I quite like Someone like You too!

    @PhotoPuddle - sounds like you had a lovely weekend too! :) Isn't Greenwich Park great? One of my favourite London spots!

    Claire x


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