Tuesday, 24 May 2011

seaside walks / comedy / pancakes

Walking in the countryside is one of my absolute favourite things to do. I love the greenery, I love the wildlife, and I love just wandering and thinking and getting lost. Unfortunately, living in a London suburb and commuting to London everyday, I don't get much time to go for many picturesque walks - but Brighton, where I used to go to uni and where I go back to visit every few weeks, is surrounded by pretty countryside and the perfect place to explore. One of the loveliest places near Brighton is the Seven Sisters area - a series of seven chalky cliffs which are very high up and have fantastic views all around.

On Sunday, I went down to my old university town to visit friends and, in the mood for a walk in the countryside, we drove over to Beachy Head - the biggest and most impressive of the Seven Sisters cliffs - for a nice walk.
Unfortunately though, it was more than a bit windy up there -we walked for a while but it all got a little too much and we ended up sheltering by a lighthouse at the top of the hill, eating chocolate muffins that one of us had brought along - I felt like something out an Enid Blyton story!
When we got a little bit sick of getting battered by the wind - see the last photo, above, with my crazy hair! - we decided it was time for some afternoon tea.

Have to say it was a little creepy in the café we found though... it was tucked away at the top of the cliff, looking out to sea, and it was getting battered by the wind, creaking like crazy, cobwebs everywhere, draughty, windows that hadn't been cleaned in years and some interesting characters in there too...
Still, we managed to look quite cheerful enjoying a cup of tea anyway!

In the evening, four of us girls went to see amazing stand-up at Komedia, Brighton's comedy club and my absolute favourite place to watch comedy. Stephen Grant was the MC - as always, and he's a brilliant MC - and we saw two hilarious acts: Doc Brown and Chris Ramsey. Chris Ramsey is one of my absolute favourite comedians - I've seen him a few times now and love him, so I knew what to expect and certainly wasn't disappointed. I'd never seen Doc Brown before, though, and he was absolutely hilarious too - a new addition to my top 5 favourite comedians! We all laughed til our sides ached and we cried actual tears of laughter. Amazing.

Check out Chris Ramsey here and Doc Brown here - and let me know what you think!
Oh, and the rest of my weekend looked like this - my favourite lazy weekend breakfast :)


  1. I love laid back weekend adventures like this! Those pancakes are killing me.

  2. gawwwwgeous photos! http://counterculturela.wordpress.com/

  3. Thanks for the comments! :) @Alyce - glad you like the look of the pancakes; I have to say they were delicious!

    Claire x


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