Monday, 4 January 2010

On seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses..

I am absolutely, completely, unequivocably in love with this house. So soft and romantic, I have been daydreaming of living there all morning... I've been picturing lazy Sundays, waking up early and sitting on that window seat in the first picture, reading books and country living magazines, then cooking a roast dinner, spending the afternoon walking in no doubt nearby woods, coming back to bake cakes in the early evening and take a long, relaxing, candle-lit bath, and then spending the evening sitting by the fire, reading, listening to my boyfriend playing guitar. Heaven.


  1. This is a very attractive blog and you write well. I'm following now, but you can't see it, I think because you don't have the follower button. However, I'll pop around again. Good luck to you post uni and with your blog!

  2. This is an attractive home, comfy. I found your blog on the Coffee Shop. When I first saw your blog I felt peace, thank you. I am studying marketing, similar to PR, so check out my blog too.

  3. Thank you for finding my blog!!! how exciting :)
    i am excited to read urs! I am wondering, how did you get the links under your header?! I have been trying to figure that out forever... any advice?!

  4. OK, so you've just introduced me to my dream home!! Beautiful! Do you know where it is?

  5. That is a gorgeous house! Great minds do think alike! Have a sweet day!

  6. A lovely house, it is exactly the style I like.

    I can't find a follower button? x

  7. Hey! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Much appreciated.

    I totally agree- that house looks amazing! Where the hell is it? It's like a Laura Ashley catalogue house! I'm in love. I could write there. I'm imagining it now. Heaven indeed!


  8. Thanks very much for all your lovely comments!

    @Novelista Barista - they're made by HTML script (and it's pretty easy to do, because believe me, I am not great with programming things of any kind!) You just add an HTML gadget to your header and then enter a label like this, but without all the spaces: < li > < a href = "" > Homes < /a > < /li >. Hope that helps, thanks for checking out my blog!

    @Jennie - it's in Lincolnshire, England. Unfortunately quite far away from London/Brighton where I am based but oh well!

    @Ava Johns - I'm not sure what a follower button is, but I'm pretty sure there's a link in my header which you can click on to follow? Or click on add a new blog to follow in your dashboard and enter the site address? All a bit new to this still so I'm afraid I'm not too great with knowing how to follow/be followed. Thanks so much for your interest in the blog though :)

  9. thank u for responding!!! so i tried that part and how do u get them next to each other? All i can do is get them under each other!!

  10. @Novelista Barista - ahh, sorry, I didn't realise there was more code I needed to give you... I'm not totally sure, but I think it should be < div id = "newnavbar" > < ul > (again without the spaces) before what I pasted to you yesterday, and < /ul > < /div > after. Let me know if that works for you? That's all the code I have in my header so I think that should do the trick! :)


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