Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Ten Things that made me smile this week

1. Rose bath bombs from The Lavender Room.

2. A cupcake diary.
3. This placemat.
4. A new bracelet.
5. Watching New Year's fireworks over the London Eye and Big Ben.
6. Strong cups of tea to help me through horrible essay-writing.

7. Little floral boxes.

8. Waking up to snow three days running.

9. The thought of Brighton in less than a week.

10. Another old film camera coming into my possession.

What's made you smile this week?


  1. Well this post did for a start. You have such a pleasant way about you. All the pretty things!

  2. I like the cupcake diary!

  3. Aww a cupcake diary, too sweet!

  4. made me smile alot :)
    specialy the cupcake diary and the floral box.

  5. Such a lovely post! My smile this week was getting to visit my family out of state. You have a lovely blog!

  6. love the cupcake diary!!!! so cute :) and i want that camera!

  7. I've only been in Brighton once, in Dec 2009, but I really loved it. The thought of getting back there would definitely make me happy.

    PS. I love your blog.

  8. I miss london!
    I am now following your blog :D
    Check out mine at www.lifeaftercollege3.blogspot.com

  9. Such lovely things to make you smile! I went to London for a few hours on my way home from somewhere. I love London a lot, this made me smile!

  10. Thank you all for your lovely comments! Yes, London and Brighton are both wonderful :) x


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