Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Thanking you muchly

I'm writing my thank you notes to relatives and friends today. I had great intentions to be very creative and make my own, but unfortunately my time is somewhat limited at the moment - university vacations are flying by, and I realised this morning that I've got about a week and half to write 5,000 words (2 essays). Ah. Pre-made thank you notes it is, then... but I need pretty ones at least.

Hello Cath Kidston, my first, obvious choice (as I honestly believe that shop could have been made for me). Looking a bit further afield though, Paperchase and John Lewis do some great notecards. Or a personal, more local favourite is Brighton's Pen to Paper, a gorgeous little stationery shop tucked away in the winding Lanes, where, along with every kind of moleskine item you might ever want, you can buy things like this (I am in love with the Alice in Wonderland journal):

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